System Analysis begins with an interactive process of identifying the existing challenges with your compressed air system. This includes finding answers to questions like:

    • With respect to your compressed air system, what is working well right now?
    • What is not working?
    • Are there any production capacity, quality or efficiency issues?
    • What concerns have compressed air users within the plant voiced?
    • What has caused you to begin looking at your compressed air system now?

Based on the answers, we mutually decide on whether the challenges discussed warrant an Informal Review Process completed largely by plant personnel or our more comprehensive Air System Audit. In either case good solutions are the product of good data and high quality analysis; don't trust your system to anyone else than the pros at The Titus Company.

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New Enterprise System Enhances Customer Service

The Titus Company Designs & Tests Its Equipment to the Extreme - You’ll have to take our word for it, but inside the floating Quonset hut is our latest membrane dehydrator package. The force applied to the structure was measured at 100g’s. Dew point measured after the test was -37°F. 

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